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The Fort Clothing


THE FORT CLOTHING ETC. founded in January of 2014 by Gracie as a rising junior in high school.

Too many people think of Fort Worth only as a suburb of Dallas. But in reality, Fort Worth is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and is one of the best places to live, as well. People who grow up there tend to stay there; and people who move there, never want to leave. Promoting my great city came naturally and, simply put, is why I started The Fort Clothing.

The Fort shirts have been seen on the slopes in Colorado, on the beaches of Florida and California, and walking the streets of NYC. The company was sold in the Spring of 2016 to my biggest retail seller. When sold, the line consisted of t-shirts, tank tops, golf polos, baseball caps, croakies, coozies, and bumper stickers.