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Recruitment Packets

Recruitment Packets

If you aren’t from the south, you may look below and think I’m crazy. Even more so, you might think the people who pay for these things are crazy. I promise — it’s a thing! Down in Texas, girls put together elaborate personal portfolios with a cover letter, resume, transcript, and contact lists to deliver to those writing their letters of recommendations for sororities. The packets are followed by a thank you note on matching stationary. As. you can imagine, this is a tedious task for most and many do not have the design skills to create memorable packets. For me, I think it’s fun! I started designing and assembling packets after I received many requests from those who saw my sorority recruitment packets my senior year of high school. I have been creating packets for over four years now and take about 6-9 clients a year.



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Customizable packet for those looking for a simple, stress-free packet design process. Choose your own color combination, name/monogram preference and available add-on preferences.

Colors shown in preview: 

Color 1- Monaco 

Color 2- Mint

Please open ink color and envelope color chart prior to adding item to cart.

Photo labels (allotted 3 per packet), mailing labels, and return labels are sold separately and can be added to your packet below. 

Number of Packets:
Photo Labels:
Mailing Labels:
Return Labels:
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*** Please note, assembly is NOT included. You will receive all of the pieces for your packet organized and ready to be assembled. My suggestion is to create an assembly line on a table or on the floor. This allows you to be able to include a copy of your transcript in each packet and place the stickers on your photos (if you purchased photo labels). ***

What's Included:

The following components are included in the standard design shown above:

  • Large envelope of your color choice
  • Resume formatting 
  • Letterhead for standard cover letter
  • Personalized stationary (blank interior) and stationary envelopes of your color choice
  • 2 personalized decorative stickers (one circle for back of envelope + one square with your university as shown above)
  • Professional printing of all products on high-quality paper 


  • Photo labels for the back of photographs with your Name, High School, University, and City
  • Mailing labels if you plan to ship your packets
  • Return address labels 

Other available options:

One-of-a-Kind custom packets to ensure that your package is unique and fully yours! 

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