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Brand Questionnaire

brand questionnaire

The more I understand about you, your company, and your overall marketing and branding goals, the better partner I can be to you. Please take your time answering these questions. The information gathered here will ultimately ensure that the brand image that I design is both relevant, effective, and something you are excited about.

Name *
This should be an elevator pitch, not your company "About" page. If you had just 30 seconds to explain your company to a customer, what would you say?
In other words, why is your customer hiring you?
It pays to know both whom you’re competing against and what the industry norms are. We want to learn from them... and then do our own thing!
If so, briefly explain. We will discuss more in detail later.
Please link at least 3 websites that show logos or branding that you find compelling. What specifically do you like about these brands?

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