I am currently a senior Business Honors and Marketing major at the University of Texas at Austin hoping to pursue a career in digital marketing, e-commerce, and branding. I am an entrepreneur by nature and founded The Fort Clothing, a Fort Worth city-pride clothing company, going into my junior year of high school. In January of my freshman year at UT, I opted to sell the company to my largest retail customer in order to concentrate on my collegiate studies. Owning my own company was an amazing experience that not only taught me things about myself that I probably would not have discovered until after college, but also gives me a unique, real-world view to everything that I am learning in the Business Honors Program. More than anything, it made the decision to take on my second major in marketing so simple. While I managed every aspect of The Fort Clothing, I quickly found that the parts that I enjoyed most involved operations in social media strategy, brand and content design, and customer engagement. 

After selling The Fort Clothing, I did not stay out of the business world for long. Almost immediately after the sale, I (officially) founded GC Designs, a design and branding company offering website design, logo/branding design, custom sorority recruitment packets (it’s a southern thing), custom t-shirts, and more. My clients include companies, such as Tailwind Advisors, Fort Worth Fudge, and Rivertree Academy. 

I am creative obsessed and now know that I always need a project on my hands. I am passionate about fashion, beautiful art, and delicious food. Currently, I am serving as the Studio Manager for Kristen Kilpatrick photography where I am currently exposed to inspiring work, creative influencers, motivated entrepreneurs, and always have new projects at my disposal.